[vcf-midatlantic] OT: need help upgrading Linux gadget firmware

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 25 19:56:32 EST 2017

> You mean, in post #6, where it tells you to type "tail --bytes=+61
> Forerunner620_290.rgn > GUPDATE.RGN"
> Did you try that?

Ah! You know, I wasn't clear that the person posting meant to literally 
type that in the terminal. I thought it was just tech-speak instructions 
that I was supposed to know how to act upon. So ..... I put the file on 
my desktop, opened terminal, cd Desktop, typed in that string, and it 
worked. How about that!

But the bottom line is the same. I put the new file (and separately 
tried the one Mark created) into the relevant directory. Some posters 
said to call it .rgn, some said .gcd; I tried each combination. Each 
time I copy it over, eject/reboot the watch, and nothing changes.

Perhaps I'll remember to bring the watch on my next museum trip 
(tomorrow) and use our office PC which dual-boots into Windows and Linux.

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