[vcf-midatlantic] Museum inventory database software

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Dec 25 21:42:25 EST 2017

>>>  Define reasonably priced
>> We know it when we hear the number. :)
>>>  and what metadata need to be tracked?
>> Exact details are TBD, but presumably there would be master 
>> categories such as hardware - software - document - and "other". Then 
>> each category would drill down as needed, for example, hardware > 
>> computer > microcomputer > Commodore > 64, with various fields such 
>> as item number, does it work, cosmetic condition, who donated it, 
>> etc. ..... we can't possibly think of all the sub-categories in 
>> advance, so there would be plenty of rearranging as needed.
>    I installed Collective Access on my Linux server to evaluate it

We're aware of that program. There is another popular one called 
PastPerfect. What scared me away is the complexity and the hosting costs 
on their respective web sites. In theory we could put it on our own 
hosting account, but I don't know how much space/bandwidth these 
products need, nor what it takes for someone to be an ongoing sysadmin 
..... that's why I think something simpler may be better for us, 
something that's more of a straightforward database service vs. a big 
professional museum application.

Perhaps you'll find otherwise, let me know how your test goes.

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