[vcf-midatlantic] Museum inventory database software

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 10:00:12 EST 2017


You might want to look through the archives of the Museums Computer Group
archives. There has been quite a lot of discussion in the past on this
Whilst it's a UK based group, the members are worldwide.


Dave Wade

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> >> Just a thought if you decide to go with the database software solution
> opposed to cloud/web based solutions. Not as flexible with the number of
> access points/users but I wouldn't think we'd need more than a few people
> (and anyone approved by the board on the museum machine) to access this.
> >
> > We definitely need something 24/7 online. Even when we're on campus,
> we want to be able to talk around the warehouse and add/remove items via
> smartphone interface as needed. Sounds like you are a proposing a method
> where the real database has to be synced later on.
> Actually the file is updated in real time since it exists on the cloud
> storage when talking Microsoft onedrive or similar. The museum machine
> sees it as a local folder/file, so regardless of how you access it (museum
> machine or remote machine) it is updated in real time. Assuming you backup
> the museum machine that is you local "hardcopy" backup.
> Accessing through a handheld device is not something I've done so I'm
> unsure as to how FileMaker for example would do this (i know it's
> I've just never done it) but a laptop works running the desktop app and is
> certainly something "portable" to the warehouse.
> The file is accessible 24/7 from any licensed copy of the software since
it is
> hosted by a cloud storage service (again Microsoft, google, pick one)
> >
> >
> >> Not to mention some of us may already have the software in Question if
> it's a desktop package.
> >
> > We would only use legally licensed-to-us software.
> My point about someone else having the software was the file is in a
> standard db format (whatever program you use) and is accessible by anyone
> approved by the board to work on the database. Obviously just anyone with
> the software can't access the cloud storage without the login and password
> required, which is licensed by VCF. Or whomever you add to your multi user
> license.
> I'm unfamiliar with "museum collection management" software since I
> obviously have no use for it, but from what I've seen through researching
> this is it's the monthly/yearly costs that are Killer.
> Again, just food for thought depending on the direction you decide to
> Tony

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