[vcf-midatlantic] Long museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed Dec 27 22:40:20 EST 2017

Very busy day!

Jeff B. couldn't make it today, so Adam and I went to tackle as much as 

We arrived around 11am and focused on cleaning up from yesterday. Then 
we test-fitted some things in the first of the two new display cases -- 
blue box, 6501, Pennywhistle modem with a desk phone, early-model USR 
modem, and the Popular Electronics "Digital Logic Microlab" kit from 
1970. We need to get more clear plastic stands (in various sizes/shapes) 
to hold things at angles on shelves.

Jim S. wasn't able to attend Festivus due to snow, but he visited today 
with his extended family for a full tour. I gave the tour for a solid hour.

Tony arrived at the same time to make some repairs on our straight Apple 
II. We needed some things moved to the warehouse, so Adam and Tony did 
that (convenient due to Tony's cargo van!) while I gave the tour to Jim 
& family.

There were a few other groups of visitors too.

Visitors continued on-and-off until 5ish.

Tony successfully revered the II to its default Integer BASIC. It had 
been set up to load Applesoft BASIC off a card, which is useful but 
hardly stock. Now it's stock, but we can still load Applesoft when 
needed.... so basically he reversed the default option. He also cleaned 
more parts of the computer inside and out.

Adam and I test-fitted some things into the second new display case. The 
top shelf will have some handhelds, but for now it's empty -- we'll get 
to the handhelds on a warmer day with more sunlight in the warehouse. We 
decided to put some game consoles on the bottom three shelves -- Atari 
Pong, Magnavox Odyssey, and Fairchild Channel F. The VCFed collection 
includes both an Odyssey and F both practically new-in-box! No, they're 
not playable by the public ... these are in a locking display case.

I snuck in a personal project. I wanted us to have a small microwave in 
case I ever get a craving for popcorn or whatever. :)  I brought in a 
microwave from my former apartment; didn't need it anymore because my 
new place has one already. But my old microwave is too big to fit in our 
workshop. So I traded it to Roddy (art guy across the hallway from our 
museum) for his smaller one. And yes, I put in our rack -- I figure the 
once every few months we actually use the microwave for a few minutes 
won't hurt anything. Problem was, the smaller unit is silver which stuck 
out like a sort thumb through our dark-gray mesh rack door. And it turns 
out VCFed recently became the owner of a big roll of black duct tape... 
you all see where this is going, right? Turns out it worked VERY well! I 
covered all the exposed silver panels in black duct tape. It may look 
silly from a few inches away with the door open, but it camouflages 
perfectly from a few feet away with the door closed. Don't laugh until 
you see it! It worked out pretty well. Now it's a stealth microwave...

Adam and I also put a second layer of black paint on the luan (thin 
wood) backings that Jeff and I made yesterday for the display cases, 
because we don't want people seeing the ugliness behind each cases 
(they're glass on all four sides). Yesterday we used cheap spray paint; 
today we used flat-black regular paint with a brush. Huge improvement! 
Left it there to dry and I'll attach the backings this Saturday.

Bill I. also stopped by around lunchtime and hung out with us for a 
while. Bill, Adam, Tony, and I engaged in the VCF lunchtime ritual 
pizza, thus making it a sanctioned gathering (or something like that).

About that desk we're seeking: Martin thinks there is one in an Infoage 
build that we cannot access, so I'm having someone else check for us.

Sooooo...... very good and productive day.

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