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The new cases look good!

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> Highlights from the museum today:
> - Bill Lange and his uncle stopped by
> - A few families visited. One family had a 10-year-old son who impressed
> me with his knowledge of Apple II history. He has a GS and knew BASIC.
> - I finished setting up our two new display cases in the microcomputer
> aisle. Last time (Wednesday) we selected the initial batch of artifacts:
> case #1 got our blue box, 6501 kit, early USR modem, Pennywhistle modem,
> and Popular Electronics Digital Logic Micro Lab (from 1970); case # has an
> top shelf open for now (to be filled with various early PDAs) while its
> other shelves have consoles (Tele-Games (Atari) Pong, Fairchild Channel F,
> Magnavox Odyssey). Today, I installed the black backings that we made for
> each case because they're glass on all four sides and nobody needs to see
> behind them.
> Here is case #1: http://snarc.net/case1.jpg .... I'm going to put another
> piece of thin black material under the 6501 box so it doesn't reflect onto
> the shelf below it (looks lousy from above).
> Here is case #2: http://snarc.net/case2.jpg.
> Both displays look better in person than up-close with the camera.

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