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> It’s kind of cool how it does the wireless display.
> Question (it may sound like a noob question), the article says it has a
> BASIC interpreter, was one available for the Apple I?
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>>> Heh, I like Hackaday, but IIRC the last of my projects that got submitted
>>> disclaimer (mains voltage control). It got reported as "and of course
>> it's
>>> safe because the computer controls it." :P
>> Uhm, isn't that called home automation?
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I don’t think it was a true wireless display in the way your thinking, but that it creates a modulated analog TV signal that hooks up to the antenna input of a European TV like a vintage computer (with RF modulator)

As for Basic, yes Woz wrote the initial Integer Basic for the Apple-1.  Amazingly it was hand assembled on yellow pad paper.  Before the cassette adapter was ready, he used to be able to type it in by hand, all 4K, without a mistake to very quickly to demonstrate the Apple-1.   

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