[vcf-midatlantic] Maker Faire 2017

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jul 3 22:57:29 EDT 2017

We (me, Dean, Jeff B., Corey, and special thanks to Doug) came up with a 
plan for VCFed's World Maker Faire exhibit Sept. 23-24 in at the N.Y. 
Hall of Science (Queens).

Our plan is to make a BASIC learning classroom. We're planning to set up 
four Apple //c systems (because they're small, we have several in decent 
condition, drives are built-in, etc.) and we'll give a formal 
presentation every 30 minutes. Dean is looking into using localtalk so 
we can print the programs for kids; Jeff is arranging the audio 
(wireless headset for the roving instructor (we'll take turns), small 
amp, couple of speakers); and I'm testing the computers (at the upcoming 
workshop) and writing a simple game program that shows off a dozen 
common BASIC commands. We will also set up a large screen so parents and 
curious onlookers can watch the class from behind the figurative velvet 

We will seek additional booth volunteers. At minimum, we'll need two 
people in the booth at all times -- one for the welcome desk, one to be 
the instructor. We plan to ask specific people who we know are good at 
booth stuff, but everyone should feel free to volunteer.
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