[vcf-midatlantic] Need a single 5.25" PC floppy recovered

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 13:14:25 EDT 2017

Hey folks - I found a single floppy labeled C:\SYSOP among my Atari 8bit
collection of disks, and since it really seems to be a PC floppy (I ran
BBSes on the Atari 8bit, ST, then PC) as it has the hub ring and C:\

I was curious if there were someone local that I could mail the disk to
that has a working 5.25" drive and could maybe see if there's anything on
the disk?

It's only one disk.  I live near Norristown/King of Prussia PA ..   I don't
need the disk back afterwards.. :)

john.heritage at gmail.com


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