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Hi Ben;
I'll put in my $0.02.
Having been an industrial electrician for a couple of years back in the  
1970's I might know
a thing or two.  I worked in a wire drawing mill where 208 Y and 480 Y  3 
phase were common
voltages we worked with every day.
If you want to discuss more info on the project you are working  on, feel 
free to contact me
off list.  My only caution is to insure safe signal return commons to  the 
power lines you are working
on, along with proper insulation of your phase line current  transformers.  
 Depending on how
the power is brought into your facility, and how old the facility is, the  
grounds can be VERY 
Although I am not trying to volunteer him, Bill Dromgoole may be another  
resource to contact
as he just made up a breadboard to load up the 3 phase 400 cyle  MG  set 
for the Univac 
targeting computer.  That shipboard power was part of his "bread &  butter" 
when he was working.
Bill Inderrieden
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Hey Herb,

The only thing I can say in  my defense is that one can be both naive and 
have respect for  electricity.
As for a professional, I have one involved. Unfortunately my  natural 
curiorsity keeps me from being passive during integration of this  project.

I could have gotten into all sorts of esoteric details about  what I?m 
really trying to troubleshoot but I really wanted a simple answer,  which I got 
from Bill Dudley. Bill?s answer was simple and re-enforced my  beliefs on 
the subject.

Regarding testing equipment. I believe the  Fluke I referenced was proper 
testing equipment and I wanted to see what  others thought. I included a link 
to it?s page it is rugged 4 channel 100 Mhz  portable oscilloscope. This 
looks like the ultimate tool for this type of work  and I wanted to know what 
other?s  thought.


I  followed list guidelines by marking the post off-topic. I felt it was a 
fair  question in a hacker environment and I thought others may have first 
hand  experience they could share.

I was satisfied with answers I did receive  and I love that the list exists 
as resource for hacking questions for all  sorts of  technology.



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