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Duane DBC1964 at cox.net
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Send him a link to my Yahoo! group;


Sounds like someone who would like to play with my 1219 emulator and 

Did you find out where he lives? Might be able to help, might have some old 
tapes. May I steal his photo for my group?

I see that he was on the USS Midway. That is a museum in San Diego. I wonder 
if their 1219's are still intact. I was contacting them a few years ago 
about a video on utube with a 1540 in motion ,only to find they had replaced 
the reel motors with some commercial ones and had built a simulator to fake 
the lights. He said that the NAVY had smashed up the insides good before 
they turned it over. If they did the same to the 1219's , maybe I don’t want 
know. One of the many dead-ends looking for pubs.


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As many of you know we're waiting for delivery of a generator for the
UNIVAC 1219 and peripherals restoration project.

I have a thread on my web site about the UNIVAC 1219 and from time to time
US Navy 1219 support team Alumni send me comments and docs and info to post
them to my site.

I was recently contacted by a guy named John King, he sent me a photo of
him posing in front of the 1219 he supported as well as some PDF scans of
docs he had related to the 1219.  From this thread I have also added links
to the original 2010 thread I created when we rescued the 1219 currently
being restored at the museum.


You can also download a copy of the 1219 brochure and other docs related to
the 1219.  I have more docs in paper format, plus UNIVAC 418/419/419-II,
etc which are similar but I assume these are already on bitsavers


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