[vcf-midatlantic] Chuck Peddle @ VCF-West

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Jul 27 14:22:36 EDT 2017

> I'm Chris, I live just outside Baltimore, work just outside Washington, 
> DC. I'm a SysAdmin who's been in love with computers since the very 
> first time I touched a keyboard as a child.

Welcome to the group.

There's already a Chris (L.) here, so I deem thee Chris H.; please sign 
messages that way to avoid confusion. Don't feel bad: there are four 
Bill D.'s!

Several people here are in the Baltimore/DC region.

Let me know off-list if you'd like to visit VCF headquarters aka the 
museum. Our next repair workshop is the weekend of Aug. 12-13 but you 
could visit anytime, given a couple of weeks' notice.

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