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Hello again.

I’ve been emailing with Martin Flynn who is a friend of Infoage.
He provided some of the material used to install the new outlet.

He also had some advice for our new generator.
He suggested we use pin and sleeve connectors on the output of the generator to prevent connecting 60Hz and 400 Hz circuits together.

He also scrounged up a set of connectors for us to use.  He offered us the use of a hydraulic crimper if we needed it.
He is also supplying sealtite conduit to use at output of the generator.
These connectors retail at nearly $300 each. So that was good.

He also said that at his site any motor above one horse power uses a magnetic motor controller.
We should probably get one. Our motor is 7 ½ horsepower.

Maybe Martin will provide one to us but I didn’t ask.
I found one on Amazon for $142.00

Also found one on eBay for $129. 
For the small difference I would buy from Amazon.
I am docent again on August 5th , so I’ll try hooking everything up in between visiters.
Or maybe go a little early.
We don’t have wire so I plan to use some wire from the old generator.


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>>>the highlight of upcoming repair workshops may be a cage match between 
>>>Dromgoole, Loewen, and Primus,

    Need to get Evan a striped shirt and a whistle.

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There have been a few posts about our recent/ongoing museum power
update. Here is the latest exciting information.

- Last week, a local electrician installed a 30A circuit and 3-phase
outlet. Before anyone asks, yes, there was a permit from the town.

- We ordered a 50-ft. extension cord designed for that outlet and
suitable power level. (Yikes those are expensive! But totally worthwhile.)

- We ordered a motor-generator that can run the whole Univac. It'll be
here in a few days. Big special thanks to the System Source Computer
Museum for donating the funds to purchase this. They will borrow it on
occasion to test/power their own big iron.

- Bill Drom. built a wooden cart with casters specifically for the

- The new circuit/outlet enables us to operate ONE minicomputer or
mainframe at a time. As such, the highlight of upcoming repair workshops
may be a cage match between Dromgoole, Loewen, and Primus, as they
battle to power the Univac, HP-1000 system, and Prime 6550. :)
X-factors: DEC VAX 785, Cray, Data General Nova, Commodore 128 (just

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