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Hey All,

I have a couple of questions on this topic and I hate to hijack it but ....because I'm doing the same right now and this is the first I have heard of a motor/starter protector.

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> The motor starter/protector keeps the 3-phase motor in the MG set from
> burning up if something goes wrong.

I just ordered a generator head and a motor.

I have a VFD that I was going to control the motor connected to the generator head.

My plan was to tune the generator voltage and frequency to meet my needs.

I currently have fused disconnects between the panel and VFD and the generator head and the equipment.

Am I missing something important? 

> Definitely go with a name-brand like
> the Square D you linked.
> The pin and sleeve connectors are a great idea, though there are also
> 3-phase specific twistlok connectors as well, which are much cheaper. If
> he's got the connectors anyway, they're the better solution.

Here is the best I can contribute on the topic

I'm using a plug and outlet from these guys.

They have standard for a wide range of voltages and amps.


> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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