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Just one more note on motor controllers.
Wikipedia has a nice discussion on these things ranging from the simple to  
the complex.
If you click on the "contactor" link, there is a good representation pix of 
 a common contactor,
something similar to what Bill D. might have purchased.
I'll shut up now unless others may want to continue the discussion on this  
Bill Inderrieden
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A motor controller, above 1 hp, and usually used on a 3 ph line, is a  
glorified relay.
It however has, added features of thermal cutouts on each of the phases  on 
the load
side of the relay.  It's normal electrical name is a  contactor.  The 
actuating coil is 
usually 120 VAC, however it can be in special cases 24 VAC or 24  VDC.
Some of the reasons it is used is:
1.  To start all 3 phases at the same time to the motor.
2.  Provide (in some cases) a local START / STOP pushbutton  station.
3.  Provide trip protection in case of overload or stall of the  motor.
4.  Allow remote START / STOP capabilities / facilities.
They are usually big and bulky because the contacts are rated to  handle 
high horsepower inductive current ratings. They also must make  and  break 
the circuit 
quickly to quench the arc over so as not to weld the contacts  together.
More questions about this topic are welcome.
Bill Inderrieden
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>> Maybe Martin will provide one to  us but I didn?t ask. I found one on 
Amazon for  $142.00

Well  you just posted on the public list which he reads, too. :)

Anyway:  what's a magnetic motor  controller?

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