[vcf-midatlantic] Woohoo!

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but assembly language is probably the most tedious of programming environments.  The tradeoff is that it's also the most powerful in many ways.  Good assembly language programmers have libraries of frequently needed routines (e.g. to print text or do 16 bit manipulations).  I have not programmed the Apple but on Heathkit machines there are many such useful routines embedded in the machine's ROMs (I'm sure that's true for Apple too).  Others were freely distributed with the OS or through Heath User's group (HUG).  

Glad you're getting some real experience "close to the hardware"!  Hang in there!

- Glenn

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> This popped into my mind: what if you want to display a large amount of
> text? I assume there's some better way than loading each individual
> character. The book I'm reading may explain it in a later chapter, and maybe
> it's counterproductive for me to ask at this point! Not looking for a code
> example right now. But someone please assure me assembly isn't always *
> this tedious *.

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