[vcf-midatlantic] Warning: This thread involves game consoles

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Fri Jun 2 14:12:32 EDT 2017

> On Jun 2, 2017, at 12:34 PM, william degnan via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
> My dad bought us kids the original Atari 2600, my first game console.  I
> preferred the planes over the tanks.  Gen-X all the way.  It is customary
> to reply to a thread such as this.

Original Pong was my first "console" in the mid 70s followed by Atari 2600 and intellivision (5 kids in the family so one console didn't cut it!)
Apple II in 1978 and it was more Apple II gaming than anything till the early 80s when highschool and girls took precedence!

BBS/AE line took over the Apple II for years so it was mostly consoles for gaming and still is to this day.

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