[vcf-midatlantic] Important workshop update (July + forward)

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri Jun 2 18:33:52 EDT 2017

InfoAge management has made it abundantly clear to us and to all the 
organizations on campus that their budget is * extremely * tight. As 
such, they requested that our workshop fee change from $10/person for 
the weekend to $10/person per day.

Though a huge percentage increase, it's still a relatively small amount 
of money, and obviously it is in VCF's best interest (and everyone's!) 
to see Infoage keep the lights on.

(We previously suggested that it would help their bottom line and be 
very fair if they separately meter our museum electrical use, but they 
have not yet accepted our offer.)

VCF is covering the difference for this month's (June 10-11) workshop. 
The change for members will start in July.

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