[vcf-midatlantic] Warning: This thread involves game consoles

jaj at totallyamused.com jaj at totallyamused.com
Fri Jun 2 23:43:58 EDT 2017

We were an Intellivision family, playing Sea Battle, whenever possible,
with my brothers is a fond memory. Before it was trendy I collected
video game systems, in college my roommate and I stayed up all hours of
the night playing Videocart-09 Drag Race/Drag Strip on the Fairchild
Channel F. We were both car guys, and the controller for that particular
game was awesome. The system was dated but the concept of the game was
spot on.  My roommate passed away a few years ago -- I occasionally drag
the system out and play and recall how fun it was to waste away hours on
that game.

As a tween to teen I loved the Commodore 64. Up N' Down, Dr J and Larry
Bird Go 1-on-1, and Epyx Summer Games...and then the single player turn
games of the early BBS days (Empire)...

Great memories, no warning required for this post!!

> My dad bought us kids the original Atari 2600, my first game console. I
> preferred the planes over the tanks. Gen-X all the way. It is customary
> to reply to a thread such as this.

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