[vcf-midatlantic] Stan Veit's History of the Personal Computer

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Yup, it's a great book.  I had always hoped he would make it to VCF but he
couldn't.  A shame he's gone.

Bill S.

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I was cleaning out a closet and came across my copy of "Stan Veit's History
of the Personal Computer".  I realized it's almost 25 years ago this was
published and perhaps some on this list haven't read it?  I've been enjoying
re-reading my copy.  One thing that I realized in reading his bio is that it
was rather late in life that he became part of the personal computer
movement - he was 56 when he opened the Computer Mart in NYC.  It's a great
read. takes you back.


In scanning Amazon I realize this book is now somewhat of a collectible -
they seem to go for as much as $200!  It looks like there's a podcast on
line for those of you who might want to listen




-          Glenn


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