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>If we are willing to enhance the experience from viewing lifeless
artifacts to showing operating equipment
and a good bit of hands on I think it would be some mighty strong gravity.
The problem is half our artifacts are lifeless because they either don't
run yet or they can't have monitors hooked up.  And we don't have anything
yet that visitors can do that's hands on.

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> The map is a must-have and a link to the IA site is not the same thing.
> Jim
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>> Hi all,
>> I agree with this suggestion.  I keep a list of links to other computer
>> museums on my Vintage Mac Museum website, and comparatively there’s very
>> little visual presence to point to for the VCF museum online.  Including a
>> few pictures of the physical space and some spotlighted gear, all on a
>> single page, would be a nice improvement.  Doesn’t need to be a virtual
>> museum, just some informative visual PR.
>> Possibly including a map of where InfoAge is relative to NY/NJ for
>> visitors comtemplating the trip would also be helpful.
>> Adam
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>>> I don't disagree about an actual virtual tour possibly being counter
>>> productive, but a few still images of the isles or a brief slide show of a
>>> few key items and a "grand shot" of the room would be extremely helpful. I
>>> try to describe the space to people best I can but some visual cues would
>>> go a long way towards enticing people to want to come to see more.
>>> Just enough to whet their appetites and give an inkling of what's inside.
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