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Get the tapes working. Tapes rock!

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> >> >If we are willing to enhance the experience from viewing lifeless
> artifacts to showing operating equipment
> and a good bit of hands on I think it would be some mighty strong gravity.
> The problem is half our artifacts are lifeless because they either don't
> run yet or they can't have monitors hooked up.  And we don't have anything
> yet that visitors can do that's hands on.
> We're getting there.
> All of our docents should be showing kids some simple BASIC on the micro
> of their choice.
> We upgraded from paper signs to tablets so there is more "touch" involved.
> Chris F. mentioned that he'd like to build a giant mechanical 2-bit adder
> on our hallway wall.
> After Kfest this summer I'm going to start planning the Lego parent/child
> learning station.
> Further down the road, we'd like to connect the PiDP to our LA120 and the
> straight 8 to the ASR33.
> Bill I. is restoring the TR-20 and plans to incorporate a plotter.
> Mike L. just started working on the HP mini. If he can get one of its
> drives going, then we can load an OS to let people log in and do things.
> And of course there's the BBS project, plus the ultimate restoration of
> all -- the UNIVAC.

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