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I'll chime in with my $0.02.
I agree with Jim, Drew, Evan.  We all have identified the  problems.  All 
it takes is time and money
(the talent we have in spades).
Evan mentioned my involvement with the TR20.  We also, when that  project 
is completed, will start
thinking about restoration of "George", however, all these projects require 
 the donated extended time,
parts, specialized test equipment to get this (in some cases  50yrs old) 
stuff resurrected.  
We all have  lives outside of this venue.
Having said that, the obstacles should not deter us from pushing ahead.  
Here's my idea....
One of the projects I plan to have ready for East XIII exhibiting is an  
IBM, USA made '286 
(640k soldered to the motherboard), under plexiglass, so that viewers,  
expert and novice, will see how we made things in that era. It is  planned to 
have 2 ESDI drives and an Intel Above Board EMS memory card
fitted.  For a "hands on", I plan to have that machine running  Win3.0. 
controlling a Z80 based materials
testing machine.  The OEM's DOS software (1987era) of the  test machine 
will be running on Win3.0 .
This testing machine has plenty of visuals (blinkin lights) and octal  
displays for the eye candy.  
We plan on crushing soda cans and showing the stress strain curves of the  
Begrudgingly (LOL), Evan has given the nod to this display. Quoting "it's  
time to display 286 artifacts".
After East is over, it is my hope that this display can be brought into the 
 museum as a 
"computational device of the month" to show there were other things done  
with PC's in this era,
other than games, and financial forecasts.   
The testing is safe and will be easy to demonstrate by the  docents.
Bill Degnan's year of the appliance computer, comes to mind with this  
The point of the droning on, is to show that other fresh ideas can be  
considered to bring more
life into the museum (and hopefully more donations) while the main projects 
 continue at the slow
methodical pace they need to take.
Feel free everyone to tell me I am way off base with my idea.  I can  take 
the hit, otherwise......
Let's start brainstorming ideas.
Bill Inderrieden
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>If we are willing to enhance the experience from viewing  lifeless
>artifacts to showing operating equipment
>and a good bit  of hands on I think it would be some mighty strong gravity.
>The problem  is half our artifacts are lifeless because they either don't
>run yet or  they can't have monitors hooked up.  And we don't have anything
>yet  that visitors can do that's hands  on.

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