[vcf-midatlantic] Commodore SX64 and 8050 in Newport Delaware

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 14:02:21 EDT 2017

There is a thrift shop called Hippo Thrift that has a sx64 (no keyboard
cable) and a 8050 IEEE drive (no IEEE cable) for sale.  The SX64 comes with
a lot of CBM carts and a carrier full of Commodore disks, no labels.  I did
not test these. If interested, you have to call them in advance, they're
keeping these in the back, not a regular item to sell in the shop.

What got my attention in the first place was the CBM 8096 that they were
also selling.  It has a keyboard issue but otherwise works.  A CBM 8032
with a 64K memory expansion that is branded "CBM 8096" is very rare, worth
taking time out the day to pick it up.  I don't know if I have ever
actually seen one before in person.  Not as rare as a P500 or C65, but
still a lucky find.

The thrift shop is a mile or three from rte 95 just south of Wilmington,

Because I don't have enough room to store this one, if anyone wants a
regular nice and clean CBM 8032 that works, I am selling it for $150,
pickup only  I live about 15 miles west of the shop.  If you want it
shipped the price is $300 + shipping (Ebay prices for my trouble)


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