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Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 19:42:34 EDT 2017

Wow Doug! Such great ideas and sounds like such a great exhibit! I have
been dying to do something similar at other events. I'm all about trying to
get a class together to teach kids BASIC on C64s.

On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 6:04 PM, Douglas Crawford via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Well we did it.
> Unfortunately we had to do it without Todd, as he was too close in on the
> delivery of his first child!
> ...Which is due any time now if not already here.
> Anyway, Chris and I set up a massive double-decker 16ft exhibit with a 32"
> presentation TV.
> And a 16 ft banner at the top that you could see 360 degrees around the
> entire floor.
> (we were the only one that was true of)
> Also had brand new placards to place around the computers regarding the
> machines and the games.
> Roughly one third was 1980s commodore workhorses playing popular as well
> as obscure C= releases.
> 2 VIC 20s
> 1 C128
> and 4 C64 breadboxes.
> with a line of other oldies-
> TRS-80 model III running Galixie Invasion
> PET 4016 running Space Invaders
> Mac SE30 running Crystal Quest
> IBM PC running Mummies and PC-Train (simulator)
> Apple II running Prince of Persia.
> ... and my Sears Tele-Games SuperPong IV on a Pansonic TV.
> The innovation for this show was periodic conversions of 3 side-by-side
> C64s into programming instruction stations.
> We had a one page tutorial to follow, which we led people through.  If we
> had more than one person, I
> sat behind them on a stool and led them through it with a microphone, and
> used a C64 emulator
> and wireless keyboard and mouse on the 32" monitor.  It was a big hit.
> Kids who had been to coding schools or otherwise had tried other languages
> liked it too.
> NO ONE got up and walked away disappointed as far as we can tell- pretty
> much proves to us
> interactive BASIC still engages young minds.
> Photos: http://imgur.com/a/PIlqm
> (Note their curtains match the VCFed color scheme!)
> A bit of video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDGDmaJWyII
> We did a lot of new stuff, and learned some new things.  Still some
> refinement to go the process.
> But it was a big hit again and a lot of fun.
> On 6/9/2017 4:23 PM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>> Chris/Todd/Doug are representing VCFed at the Young Innovators Faire (a
>> small Maker Faire clone) tomorrow and Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia
>> Expo Center, 100 Station Ave., Oaks, Pennsylvania. Bring your kids and say
>> hi to them!
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Jeff Brace

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