[vcf-midatlantic] WiFi RS-232 Internet Modem

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W2HX- It does have a TCP server built in so you telnet to it. Port defaults
to 6400 but you can change it. To the serial side, it appears as a dialup
modem is connected. When the you telnet to it, the "phone is ringing" and
will it send a "RING" response. You answer it by issuing a "ATA" command or
you can enable auto answer (ATS0=1) and it will connect automatically.

If you need it to be more transparent to the serial side (i.e. will a
"RING" and "CONNECT" message confuse the PDP?) you can turn off responses
with ATQ0.

It doesn't support the full set of RS-232 signals like DTR, DSR, RI, DCD,
etc. I'm not sure if the PDP needs those signals to know there's a device
there or not. There are jumpers on the bottom of the WiFi232 for certain
RS-232 signals so you can loop those back to the host to get around most


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> Question on this device... Can it be used to connect to the console port
> on a machines (ie PDP-8e) and allow me to telnet to the PDP over wifi? Does
> it have telnet server to serial functionality? Thanks
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> As promised, I'm alerting folks on the list that more WiFi232 modems are
> available (both assembled and kits).
> http://biosrhythm.com/?page_id=1453
> I'll announce it later today on Twitter (it will likely sell out shortly
> after).
> Cheers,
> -p

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