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> > Has anyone ever come across any VME graphics cards?
> > I have an Atari Mega STE with an unused VME slot, and would love to
> > have some higher resolution output for that machine than what the
> > stock ST chips provide..
> > Just figure I'd ask..

Yes, my TT030had a VME card inside. I think these were always rare and
expensive. Some (old) discussion here:-


> The Atari VME slot is a single connector I'd guess, given the size of the
> machine. There were frames to put SGI desktop video boards in the larger
> deskside and full rack SGIs via the VME slot side... but they were usually
> 2 connectors I think, and the video card set (ELAN from Indigo?) wouldn't
> Plus you'd have to write all the software to make it work.
> No idea if there were VME accessories ever produced for the Atari ST
> computers.

Some info on the slot here:-


> Probably would be easier to go VME to PCI and use a WinTel graphics card
> after writing software to drive it.
> (I actually have a TT030 and I think it has a VME slot as well, but it's
> empty.)

There were VME to ISA adaptors that allowed an ETI4000 card to be used iin
the TT...


Dave Wade

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