[vcf-midatlantic] VME Graphics Cards

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Jun 21 18:19:08 EDT 2017

> Thanks - there were drivers written for several VME cards to work on the TT
> or MegaSTE.  ET4000 (Tseng 4000) chipset cards for example are supported
> already..

The ET4000 was my very first VGA card, ISA style. I remember having to Hex 
Edit deluxe paint II to get that sweet 800x600x16 color mode.


Under video. Looks like there is a hack to wire the ET4K ISA card into VME 
slot. Looks like there is a GAL file as well so it's more than just wires, 
some logic shifting. Perhaps the same thing as that NOVA adapter.


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