[vcf-midatlantic] RX01 drives for pickup/super cheap/ trade

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 12:26:35 EDT 2017


Please contact me via vintagecomputer.net/contact.cfm

Times Up!  If you want an RX01 drive and live near Landenberg, PA I am
liquidating 4 of them (maybe 5).  Although I personally don't own
controllers for these, the drives work on UNIBUS, OMNIBUS, and QUADBUS DEC

*Name your price.  $150 for one $200 for two $250 for three $300 for all
four.  First come first served.  (something to reimburse my

If you want to trade for one *or more*, I will trade for a RX01 disk
controller OMNIBUS or UNBUS. "Working" or something I can fix.  I will also
trade for a RK05 UNIBUS backplane/controller complete or incomplete

If you need to have them shipped I have an ebay auction here, normal price:


So as you can see, you save a huge discount if you come get them.  I have
already sold two.

First come first served.  No I am not lugging them to a workshop unless
you're willing to pay closer to "retail" price.  These are stored in my
house, climate controlled.  They have been, to my knowledge, in climate
controlled storage since taking off line.


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