[vcf-midatlantic] Colossal Cave Adventure on AMC website

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Thu Jun 29 08:24:57 EDT 2017

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> Funny this is brought up.
> Today at work someone sent me a version of colossal cave on z/VM.
> They said they used to have a game called "star trek" too.
> The files are from 1994 I think it was?
> I have gotten some other fun clock programs and such from other people.
> I wonder what else people have laying around on their VM accounts!
> -Connor K
I know IBM also had various versions of "Star Trek" and other games  for
the S/38, I have played some of them after being ported to the AS/400, they
where also available for the S/36 and I would imagine the S/34 as well.
Matt Patoray
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