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Absolutely agree that old "microcontrollers" are relevant. I'm sure a bunch
of us could list off at least a dozen CPUs that were used in the capacity
that microcontrollers are now, not to mention even vintage devices we'd
definitely recognize as microcontrollers today (Mostek's single-chip F8
with piggyback ROM, or the already mentioned 8051 and 8048).

Further, there are some interesting microcontrollers available now that are
in fact vintage (or almost-vintage) CPU cores at their hearts. In
particular I'm thinking of the Microchip PIC32 line, which is a MIPS32 core.


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> > I would suggest that early "microcontrollers" are on topic here.
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>   Me too.
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>   The microcontroller is a special case of the microprocessor.  They're
> computers too.
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