[vcf-midatlantic] KIM-1 find

Jeff Galinat jgalinat at optonline.net
Thu Jun 29 18:54:52 EDT 2017

On 6/29/2017 11:03 AM, systems_glitch via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Wow, good job there! About as good as the box of 6x rev 0/rev 1 KIM-1s I
> found working in a warehouse in college.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
Hi Jonathan,
  Wow, that was quite the find! I assume they were considered obsolete & 
hope you were allowed to keep or purchase them. Back in the early 90's, 
through an ad in a local for sale mag (Want Ad Press), I found 2 KIM-1s 
along with original manuals and a KIMSAI board with other accessories 
for $50. Almost no one was collecting this kind of stuff then  One of 
the boards was a Rev A that had an early 6502 with the ROR bug.  I 
wasn't collecting vintage machines at the time so i sold them all the 
items through eBay a few years later for about $1100 which I used to 
purchase some ham radio gear I wanted for a while.  Once I started 
collecting vintage hardware I regretted selling  the KIM-1s so I was 
thrilled to find once by sheer luck.  This one is a Rev B board so it is 
still pretty early. The PCB is in good shape although the metal tops of 
the 6530's have some corrosion and the metal body of the 5K pot has some 
rust. I am glad it still works.

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