[vcf-midatlantic] K-Fest carpool?

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I was reviewing an idea I had from last year actually where a few of us
would rent a Club Van and commute together.  We could do it in one day so
no hotel needed along the way, which saves us all money.  We take turns
driving as well and gas costs.  Should be about the same or less than
flying or even taking our own car.  Only downfall is the added time to pick
up people along the way.  A big van however means we can stretch and sleep
as well along the way.

I was going to get some local pricing and see if it's worth it.  I know
about 4 people who said they might be interested in the idea.  And we have
enough room to take big things to and from.

Let me know if you're thinking about it.  I'm going to start calling around
soon for pricing.


Henry S. Courbis

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> Not going, but KC airport is nice and flights are reasonable out of Newark.
> Stop in Weston MO for a real throwback.
> As a plus they have a winery, a brewery and a distillery.
> There's also a shop on Main St. with one of the best selections of Scotch
> and Irish Whisky I've seen.
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> I've always wanted to go to K-Fest. I may apply for one of their "golden
> tickets" this year, however that still involves getting one's self to
> Kansas City. Is anyone interested in getting together with a few people
> for a carpool? Obviously not in my tiny car :) but I'd be happy to split
> the driving and gas $$. Paying for a flight or the cost of all that gas
> by myself would be beyond my means right now.
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