[vcf-midatlantic] K-Fest carpool?

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Mar 2 23:12:04 EST 2017

> Evan,
> I was reviewing an idea I had from last year actually where a few of us
> would rent a Club Van and commute together.  We could do it in one day so
> no hotel needed along the way, which saves us all money.  We take turns
> driving as well and gas costs.  Should be about the same or less than
> flying or even taking our own car.  Only downfall is the added time to pick
> up people along the way.  A big van however means we can stretch and sleep
> as well along the way.
> I was going to get some local pricing and see if it's worth it.  I know
> about 4 people who said they might be interested in the idea.  And we have
> enough room to take big things to and from.
> Let me know if you're thinking about it.  I'm going to start calling around
> soon for pricing.

Definitely interested. The price of gas in my own car, combined with my 
car being tiny and not-so-reliable, making driving their myself 
implausible. So yes I am definitely interested in this.*

* Of course anyone along for the trip would have to tolerate each 
other's music etc.....

** Not a dig at sharing rides with certain group members who shall 
remain nameless.

*** Okay .... kind of a dig. :)

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