[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 20170305 March 5, 2017

Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 03:04:45 EST 2017

Had a guy named Russ Balliet drop off a sales training tape for AT&T PC as
well as a selling guide for AT&T PC 6300. There was also an operations
manual for Inspector IV MPC and a little card for RCA Spectra 70. He told
me a story how he helped Johnson and Johnson help recover some data from an
"old" Vax that helped with a cure for a particular type of cancer. He
didn't have any deals, he was just some guy who had experience with Vax who
helped the programmer there retrieve "old" data.

Had a family come by with a kid who gave them his own version of the tour.
This 12 year old kid took Evan's sign at the front of the museum literally
"Attention children! The stuff in this room is veeeeeeeery fragile. So
we've got a special assignment just for kids: Make sure your parents don't
touch any of it!" So this kid said to his parents, "You can't touch
anything, but I can touch everything!". I guess the message backfired ;)

Anyway the parents and kid were highly interested and I helped the kid do
some simple BASIC programs on the C64 and helped him with a few other
computers. They really enjoyed it. I hope that they come for VCF East.

Another group came escorted by Fred with a guy who used to be in the Civil
Air Patrol. I highlighted different machines that he was interested such as
Gorge, MOBIDIC etc. It was a quicker tour because of time, but they were
very interested.

Jonas printed out the signs for exhibitors and I tested his Vic-20. It will
need repairs at the next workshop.

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