[vcf-midatlantic] Free to a good home - my collection of MIPS workstations

Michael Kato michael.kato at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 13:46:44 EST 2017

I would like to give this away as a whole.  Ideally local pickup in Crystal
Ctiy/Alexandria VA.  I'm planning on attending Trenton, and also VCF-East.
If you're interested in only part, send me an email anyway.

Olivetti M700-10
Deskstation Tyne(motherboard and memory and some ISA and VL-bus cards)
Acer Formula1
SGI Indigo
SGI Indigo2
Sony NSW portable MIPS workstation
Mips Magnum 3000(with install tapes and boxes of documentation)
Cobalt Raq2
Cobalt Cube


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