[vcf-midatlantic] Free to a good home - OS/2 books and software

Michael Kato michael.kato at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 08:51:11 EST 2017

I call this the OS/2 pro pack.  Everything you'll need in order to relive
the glory of OS/2.  Or live it for the first time if that's what you like.

The Design of OS/2 by Deitel and Kogan
Inside OS/2 by Gordon Letwin
Assembly Language Programming under OS/2 by Murray and Pappas
Programming the OS/2 Presentation Manager by Charles Petzold
Object Oriented Programming using SOM and DSOM by Christiana Lau
OS/2 Debugging Handbook - Volumes 1-4 (IBM Redbooks)
Binder with photocopies of the LX format specs(OS/2 executable format)
IPF Editor(software)
Unopened copy of OS/2 Warp V3(software)

You will not find a more complete book collection on OS/2 in one convenient
banker box.  Offered for local pickup in Crystal City, VA or you pay
shipping and I'll ship this.  If no takers the box will be on sale at TCF
next Saturday and if it still doesn't go it'll be offered at Vienna
Wireless Winterfest next Sunday.

Contact me via email(the email from which I made this post)

Thanks for looking,


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