[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sat Mar 11 23:48:34 EST 2017

I arrived at the museum around 11 today.

Tony stopped by to loan us his Laser 128 as a backup in case ours acts grumpy at Trenton next weekend. Martin also visited to give us the CNC'd mounting plates for our tablets.

Jeff B. came over at noon. We made a plan for the outdoor VCF East signs. We also did recon around campus for tables/chairs to use at the show. Jeff brought over our new full-color trifold brochures. First time we ever had these. They look incredible. Huge thanks to Drew for designing them.

Jeff then spent a few hours checking out some Commodore inventory in the warehouse. I stayed in the museum to clean the workbench area and play tour guide.

There were three groups of visitors today: a couple with five or six kids, an older couple, and a father/son. The kids in the first group stopped to read every sign: I told them the signs will being replaced by tablets and they seemed excited about it. The husband in the second group said he was a Tektronox field technician for 20 years and that he'd met the founder Howard Vollum (who got his start at Camp Evans; for newer list members that's the Army base which now is the InfoAge Science Center, where our museum resides!). Father of the third group was a guy like many of us, mid-40s, who grew up on 8 bits and whose son learned Scratch. Naturally we showed him BASIC on the same computer his father hadn't seen in 30 years (C-64).

Jeff and I went to Home Depot for sign materials and then to dinner.

I spent another hour or two in the museum and began assembling the tablet mounting brackets. Each plate has two sets of brackets. Turns out a single set would have been plenty. Now we know.

I'm staying over here at InfoAge tonight. Dean and Drew will be here tomorrow to help with tablet setup and stuff.

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