[vcf-midatlantic] museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Mar 12 21:40:22 EDT 2017

I started around 10 today. Dean couldn't make it, so I called Bill 
Dudley (he lives nearby). Fortunately he was able to come over for a few 
hours and help.

Android itself and the kiosk app both had oddities which took us a while 
to understand. After emailing the app developer we finally got useful 
explanations. Now, all the tablets are running the kiosk app using a 
volume license key and they're all configured exactly the same (but I'll 
double-check that next weekend). Bill is going to come back one day this 
week and do some prep work on the steel mounting plates to prevent 
rusting. Next weekend, post-Trenton (Saturday afternoon), I'll bolt the 
plates to the shelf posts. Then we'll run the power cords, connect to 
the magic web page, and things will be golden.

We kept busy with the tablet software all day; meanwhile there were some 
visitors. Two men in their 50-60s stopped by around 4pm and stayed until 
closing. They both did punch card processing in their college days.

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