[vcf-midatlantic] I guess another Apple 1 is up for Sale

mike willegal mike at willegal.net
Thu Mar 16 12:55:23 EDT 2017

The date code component thing is sort of like worrying about having a numbers matching car, it matters to some people a lot more than to others.  
Once it is debugged, the computer operates exactly the same way if it is built with all 80's era components or all 1976 era components that were originally stuffed into the board by Steve Job's sister.

Mike Willegal

> On Mar 16, 2017, at 12:25 PM, corey cohen <coreyvcf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well some original components are still available, not all.  Some similar replacement parts are avail, but non date correct are avail.    It is still exactly like a vintage car because you may have to sacrifice a less rare model to get things up and running.  
> Going forward it's more about originality for a running unit and what original accessories are with it.  Too many of the known working Apple-1 have replacement electrolytic big blue caps with date codes in the 80's.  
>  Also we are starting to see some of the "Apple" defective boards coming out.  Some of them never ran.   I'm helping someone out with one of those now.  It's a lot more than simply replacing components.  
> corey cohen
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>> When I first started the registry, remarkably few Apple 1s had been powered up in any recent timeframe.    Since then, a lot more have been turned up, so to speak.  I started just logging the most recent time each one had been known to be operated.  Since replacement components are still available, I currently consider the number kind of meaningless, since with little to a lot of effort, any one of them could be operated.  It's not like some vintage airplanes or cars, where some key components may not be available to repair a broken unit.
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