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> The date code component thing is sort of like worrying about having a
> numbers matching car, it matters to some people a lot more than to others.
> Once it is debugged, the computer operates exactly the same way if it is
> built with all 80's era components or all 1976 era components that were
> originally stuffed into the board by Steve Job's sister.
> regards,
> Mike Willegal
​I can see the thought behind matching datecodes on the IC's
Because that's the first obvious thing which is noticed,
Which is something I look for in my part bins,
but I just keep them mixed in together per part#
as I don't sort them like that on my inventory list
But there still an issue with transistors​, eg. MPS3704 [TO-92]
There's no discernible identifying datecode technique on the small TO-92
plastic packages,
Not that I'm not aware of at least to know if its' 70s or 80s or 90s, etc
There is on those metal cans such as the TO-3, TO-18, etc
This problem extends to the resistors and diodes too,
Even NPO caps, unless you physically pulled them from period equivalent
So how far do you go with matching components, it's won't ever be 100%
As for the original electrolytic caps,
I wouldn't always take a chance with NOS 40yr old electrolytic caps sitting
on a suppliers shelf.
just saying,

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