[vcf-midatlantic] help dumping rom of rare coin-op arcade game

Jonathan Gevaryahu jgevaryahu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 17:47:42 EDT 2017

I truly do not recommend using a minipro for this, I don't believe it 
supports Bipolar PROMS (82sxxx series, etc)
I'd recommend something like a BP1410 or 1610, but those run a pretty 
penny, though are cheaper used. IMHO its worth the cost.
On 3/16/2017 5:33 PM, Andrew Molloy via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> I've got this rare bowling coin-op game from 1977 that isn't yet in MAME,
> and it seems there are no known dumps of the ROM. It's a cocktail cabinet
> by Mirco called Strikes & Spares. The CPU is a Signetics 2650 and the ROM
> looks to be a Signetics N82S115N (it's the only socketed chip on the board
> that I can see).
> Would a cheap eeprom reader such as this one do the job?
> https://www.amazon.com/Signstek-Universal-MiniPro-Programmer-Support/dp/B00K73TSLM
> Here's some pictures of the game. I still have to remove and photograph a
> smaller circuit board that attaches via two ribbon cables to the mainboard.
> https://goo.gl/photos/4Kv2njjy18ZGxBpr5
> Thanks,
> Andy

Jonathan Gevaryahu
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