[vcf-midatlantic] help dumping rom of rare coin-op arcade game

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Mar 16 22:50:41 EDT 2017

> ​this is the first I've heard about arcade roms being encrypted
> ​most of the time it was painstaking to decipher the bitmaps for their
> background screens, or sprites
> because the address boundaries of the bitmap images had to be extracted
> from the code
> and that's after you disassemble the machine code
> Dan

I think it was more of the later games that used heavy encryption. Things 
like the CPSII which just finally got fully reversed (there are tools to 
reprogram the crypto keys into the hardware now.) Other games such as 
Arkanoid use a one-time-programmable microcontroller that looks like an 
EPROM to answer some sort questions for the main CPU. All kinds of tricks.

Current generation machines are being popped by using PCI-E DMA 
exploits to recover security keys used by the SATA controller chipsets and 
other crazy stuff on Linux/PC based systems. The hard drives require some 
sort of unlock command every so many nanoseconds or something.

My go-to programmer I have here is the Needham Electronics EMP-100. Hollar 
if I can be of any assistance!

 			- Ethan

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