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Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 16:29:31 EDT 2017

All –


            I was contacted last week by a gentleman in Fitchburg, MA, who used to work for DEC and has a huge load of DEC hardware, manuals, print sets and other stuff. Based on his email, he worked on RSTS and RT-11 (checking to see if he knows Megan G.).


            Here’s a sample:


·         If you have a MicroVAX, i might have some extra memory boards for that.  

·         i have a lot of manuals, the logic manual, the PDP-11 manuals, and unibus peripherals manuals... all handbooks

·         I have an 11/05 cpu, with box, backplane, power supply, front control panel. not sure about the memory, these had core

·         i have an 11/34 in the large box with the programmers keyboard and a 9-slot expansion bus and a full schematic set for it.

·         i have several sorts of LSI-11 backplanes including the ones that make a VT-100 into a VT-103.

·         and i have the kits to turn a VT-100 into a ReGis graphics terminal... VT125

·         i have 11/23 boards, which do 22-bit addressing, and a bunch of 512K OEM memory boards (clearpoint  or Camminton)

·         and the MXV-11 boards with the EPROM sockets, some RAM and 2 serial ports are in abundance.

·         also DLV-11J quad serial port boards, mostly OEM stuff,

·         some of these boards i have schematics for...

·         for the hard-core hackers, i have several wire-wrap-roll-your-own boards, dual height and quad.  

·         i also have software... mostly RT-11 but i also have some Micro-RSX

·         also have some DECUS software, esp a cross-assembler for the 6502... I fixed some bugs and improved the functionality of this tool and used it myself extensively.


He also said that he’s still into PDP projects. If anyone’s remotely interested, contact me off-list and I’ll pass his info on to you.





Rich Cini





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