[vcf-midatlantic] MARCHIAN invasion of Trenton

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Sun Mar 19 22:33:48 EDT 2017

On 03/19/2017 08:13 PM, Jeffrey Jonas via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Michael Kato and Jeff Galinat were venders.
> I got to chat with Bill Inderrieden, Wm Dudley, Rebecca Mercuri,
> Neil Cherry, Herb, Dean & Drew and "the usual suspects".
> Despite being compressed into one day, I felt satisfied.
> I got some goodies in the dealer's den
> - displays from Galinat
> - books from Kato
> - bags of 1,000 leds and VFD modules from Ott
> Neil Cherry's home automation presentation had new things from last year.
> With 13 presentations at a time, everyone's sure to be disappointed
> and miss things. I missed the earlier C++ talk and the later one was cancelled.

I was a bit disappointed in my presentation. I did stay up until 3am tweaking it.
Yes, I still haven't learned not to to do that. I had it completely working and
was ready to demo it with all the software and show off the neat features (all
open source). Ultimately what did me in was a conspiracy of idiocy. I had too
much to present for 50 minutes. I was delayed by the schools display which was
slow to work (weird). Then the WiFi router I used failed to retain it's hard
coded IP/MAC pairings. Finally I let one gentleman dominate the questioning
and I might not have fully understood what he was asking. Next year, demo
first (but after I arrive early and do a test setup of the stuff I which to

Now in other news: I trade Mika (Michael Kato) a box of doughnuts for a
CoCo 2, a Coco 3 w/disk drive, OS9 software and books, and a set of really
interesting XOR boards (lots of ADC and digital IO) with 2 6809 boards.

I intend to get the Tandy up and running with OS9 and donate it to the museum
to add to the 8 bit collection. One of the interesting things about OS9 is that
it runs on a 8 bit processor (the Motorola 6809 processor, my favorite), and
Level II will let you run multi-user & multitasking. Microware's OS9 is very
Unix like (with pipe and redirect) but not POSIX compatible. I noticed the
software is the Windowing version of OS9 (not Windows!).

Even, you won't see this donation for at least a year. It's going to take
me some time to get this all working.

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