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Mon Mar 20 20:07:31 EDT 2017

>From what I remember back in those days - these Controllers changed almost
weekly.  It was a really crazy time with all the clone hardware.  Every
corner Tech Shop sold these Controllers, and who knows where they got them
from.  It was really the Wild West once the Clones took over (1989-90), and
lasted most of that whole decade really.

I would be really surprised if you find an actual manual.  Most of the
times my dealer would give me a photocopy page if there was even anything.
The more 'standard' or mass produced Controllers came in boxes... but also
cost 2-3x as much.  If I had to guess it's MFM over RLL since RLL was much
more rare.  Shouldn't hurt to test on either drive - assuming you can find
any that are still working.

Anyway, good luck.


Henry S. Courbis

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> I put 3 pictures at this location.
> thanks,Christopher.

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