[vcf-midatlantic] Jason Scott is making a renewed push to image Apple ][ software...

Mark Whittington markwhi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 17:51:18 EDT 2017

Jason (of archive.org and textfiles.com fame) is renewing efforts to track
down and image as much of the existing original Apple ][ software as

More info here, summary below -- http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/5180

In short, a lot of the software that's been archived so far was sourced
from cracked versions that were often modified greatly from the original
releases.  There's now a team of very skilled folks who want to be sure
that the pristine versions of these programs are archived and that
so-called "silent crack" versions are available for future generations to
enjoy.  In this context, a "silent crack" is one that removes the copy
protection and nothing more, and without adding crack screens or

They're getting to the end of the collections that they already have and
are putting out the call for more from people who may have collections
sitting around gathering dust in boxes.


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