MARCHIAN Invasion of Trenton "Digest, Vol 17, Issue 20"

Wed Mar 22 17:50:09 EDT 2017

To Neil;
Newbe here....
Don't kick yourself! You were way too polite in describing the  
guy dominating the Q&A. I felt bad for you having to deal with  that guy.
I attended your course and found it amazing that you were able to cover 
what you could, even when being HIGHJACKED by the boor you wouldn't
let you finish at least one thought!  It's a shame that 
you couldn't get through the presentation to your satisfaction.  
There was a lot of info to cram into one hour.  
Kudos to you for navigating around the potholes
of cranky technology and the Gremlins residing therein.
It is a brave man who can stand up there and fight such pitfalls in  
Thank You! and Congrats!
Bill Inderrieden
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>> "Finally I let one gentleman dominate the questioning
>>  and I might not have fully understood what he was asking."

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