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Just so everyone knows that price is reasonable for decent food which is
all you can eat. VCF East 9.1 was at Edgar's Pub and everyone was spread
out all over the place. Then VCF East 10 was at Kelly's which was in one
place, but too crowded. Then VCF East 11 was at Clancy's and was not
crowded and had plenty of good food. This is where we are having it again
this year. It is quite difficult to find a place where we can put 80 people
and have such a low price. Remember this is our "fancy" dinner, so the
price will be higher than everyone going to McDonalds. Most of the weekend
we go to diners and fast food, so a quality meal like this is a good deal
at $33 per person. This is the best option available in our area.

Some were asking about the menu:

Cold -- cold cut platter, house salad, fresh mozzarella with grilled

Hot -- Wings, chicken parmesan, beef stroganoff, baked ziti

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> Everyone,
> Tickets for the Saturday night VCF East dinner will be $33 (plus cash bar).
> Just so you all know, we are not making any money on that. The ticket
> price is exactly our cost. Last year we charged less and lost money.
> Dinner will be at the same place as last year: Clancy's Tavern, 25 South
> Main St., Neptune City, NJ 07753. Same menu too, including the (mmmm) VCFed
> logo ice cream cake.
> We will sell tickets at the show. First we'll go to exhibitors, vendors,
> speakers, etc., and then to everyone else. Cash, PayPal, credit cards are
> all accepted.
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