[vcf-midatlantic] Stuff I'm looking for at VCF

Jeff jeffg at junknet.net
Tue Mar 28 22:14:16 EDT 2017

Hey all - Jeff here (aka Bags). Not looking for a lot, but figured I'd 
throw this out there incase anyone happens to have stuff in their stash 
and could bring it along. I'll only be at VCF on Friday, but can make 
arrangements if anyone has any of this. Best bet is to email me directly 
at jeffg at junknet.net if you have any of this:

#1 TI Silentwriter 700 Power Brick/Adapter (actually the one I have is a 
Silent 700/Travelmate 1200, 20vac). Looks like a typical smaller black 
wall-rat with rounded corners, and a 3 pin molex plug. I think the part 
# is 2310442-0001. I could use a couple other parts if someone has a 
busted one.

#2 Commodore PET 8032 Keyboard (I'd take a busted parts unit with the 
number pad intact). The one I'm looking for is the one that has only 3 
columns of buttons on the numeric keypad.

#3 Really really reaching out there, but I have an At&t Touchtel 
Terminal (aka At&t Personal Terminal 510) that I'd love to find a 
keyboard (and keyboard garage) for. It should be branded At&t, have a 
flat plug simliar to the one used on the IBM Model M keyboards (keyboard 
side), and be fairly narrow, almost laptop sized. This shows the 
terminal and what the keyboard would look like: 
Also if anyone knows anything about it and any info that I could use to 
adapt a normal keyboard, I'd love to know. This particular unit is near 
and dear to me!

I think thats about it - stuff I'm bringing to sell include a 19" SVGA 
monitor (CRT), 2x HP ColorPro Plotters, some NextStation part no:1477 
power supplies (pizza boxes), and possibly a Zenith Lunch box computer 
that needs some love. Open to trades!

Jeff aka Bags

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