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Yeah! No complaints unless you volunteered or donated money. Too many
critics who are not there "in the trenches".

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> Got to the museum around 4pm today.
> Tony was there doing more work on the center door (he and his employees
> removed it and put a wall there per our request; now you can't tell it was
> ever a door). They're going to finish tomorrow.
> Bill Dudley came over to help me with the tablet project and also to help
> with show signs.
> Around 7ish I went to Jeff B.'s house to pick up some things we had
> shipped there.
> Then I worked in the museum until 3am. Train guys helped me with a few
> minor glitches.
> Tomorrow the tables are being delivered between 8-9am. Me, Jeff B., Bill
> I., and Tony's son + friend are going to set them up. Also setting up the
> chairs. A few tables/chairs need to be done Thursday so they don't
> interfere with IA being open tomorrow.
> Also tomorrow: we'll finish setting up the * last * tablet, clean the
> museum, make some internal signs for the exhibit halls, do some odds/ends
> needed for the show, make an appearance at the IA weekly staff meeting, and
> -- if we work hard and things go to plan -- then we may actually get to
> relax some on Thursday before a few early-birds start showing up.
> Yesterday I went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 12pm. Going to sleep now
> (3:30am) and waking up at 7am.
> If any of you ever hear outsiders comment that producing a show is no big
> deal... smack them for me. :)
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